Review: CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

We are unashamedly fans of the current resurgence of mechanical switched keyboards and their newfound spot in the serious gamers (or typists!) arsenal. Though they may sound antiquated when bashing their keys there are few people this writer knows who have tried a mechanical keyboard for any period who haven’t gone and bought one shortly after.

CoolerMaster’s gaming oriented arm “CM Storm” have come to the party with a new mechanical keyboard that is so simple it has to be effective. This QuickFire Rapid uses the “blue” variety of switches from manufacturer Cherry which have a lighter touch than the more commonly found black switches. That means less pressure on the keys and a tendency for them to actively spring up under your fingertips when typing ready for another press.

It’s what CM has left out that makes this board interesting the QuickFire Rapid has no macro keys no built in LCD screen and doesn’t even sport a keypad. It’s physically small but the actual key area was larger and longer than our mech keyboard benchmark SteelSeries 7G. It’s small but roomy.

We can’t promise this keyboard will lift your average “kills” or help you defeat Ragnaros in Heroic mode but we can say it’ll be a comfortable ride especially for touch typists.

Available from CM Storm retailing for $99.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)