Retro gamepad turns your iPhone into a Nintendo NES

ThinkGeek and ION Audio — the people behind the original April-Fools-prank-becomes-real-product iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad — have now released a smaller cheaper gamepad for all iOS and (most) Android devices. The iCade 8-Bitty gamepad resembles a vintage analogue gaming controller such as you’d find on an 8-bit home console like the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System and hooks up wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Whereas the former iCade arcade cabinet was a little pricey at US$99.99 the 8-Bitty is a much more reasonable US$29.99. One factor to bear in mind is that the iCade’s game controllers only support a limited number of games a list of which is contained on ThinkGeek’s product page. Still if you love retro games in particular and want to exert a little more control than a touchscreen allows the 8-Bitty might just be for you.

In other (completely unrelated) retro gaming news classic arcade racer Crazy Taxi has gone live on the App Store for iOS overnight. Sega’s 1999 title has been the subject of numerous console and PC ports since its arcade heyday and now you can play the universal app on iPhone iPad or iPod touch. Here’s hoping for an Android version soon.

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