Your place or mine?

Do not scroll beyond this point unless you are over 18 and will not be offended by images of a sexual nature.

As in the real world in Second Life you need a place to consummate your romance. If you don’t have one you’ll be looking for a private corner in a park beach or a club.

Unless your partner already has a place one of the simplest ways of getting one is to rent a room. One popular type is a skybox strange little cabins that float high in the sky over Second Life land ensuring privacy. In all cases when you’re renting you need to buy up some Linden dollars with your credit card first.

Search for “skybox” and check some out. In this skybox rental store some of the skyboxes are already rented. In other stores some skyboxes can be rented for a short time like 30 minutes.

Some skybox ads leave nothing to the imagination. They also come with sex furniture which is pre-packaged with animations for your romantic encounter.

Jeb has assessed the options but feels that he won’t impress his Mac babe Mistress Zabaleta by asking her back for coffee to a public park or cheap skybox. He wants his own home.

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