Pendulumic Stance S1 review

A staggering range of Bluetooth headphones exists, with a pair to suit just about every budget.

Pendulumic prides itself on ‘studio-level’ quality, something you wouldn’t expect in a wireless set of phones, and a claim like that’s usually an indication that the price is sky high. But that’s not so here.

Instead, you’ll find an upbeat but engrossing soundscape — even without wires — in a pair of comfortable and stylish headphones.

In wireless mode, the Stance’s favour the mids and high end, giving a crispness to everything on our usual playlist, from Arcade Fire, to Daft Punk with Sia and The Prodigy in between.

It’s a little harsh at first, but dipping into the equaliser to push the bass out proved that they’re also very responsive, and able to hold a high volume without distortion.

Over Bluetooth, the volume can be adjusted with a knob on the right ear phone, but when used with a cable the volume knob is entirely redundant, and the soundscape actually tilts the opposite way once the wire with its inline remote is plugged in.

Here, you’ll find warmth with clarity — a sound you could listen to all day. However, you do need to have them powered up in either mode, using AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack.

And you well might want to wear them all day. The adjustable headband is married to a floating cushion (the bit that goes between your scalp and the stiff band) that makes them feel lighter than they are.

We’re lopping a star off for the plasticky, cheap-feeling switches on the cans that control power and function.

Price: $329
From: BusiSoft AV

Rating: 4 stars out of 5