PADACS converts shiny iPad screens to matte

Apple’s not a company that reverses design decisions very often but one notable decision it did backflip on after sustained customer outcry was its ‘glossy-only’ screens for MacBook Pros. Now they can be ordered in matte as an option in a concession to people who said they didn’t care about the vivid look of the glossy screens but did care about the fact that the glossy screens reflect overhead lighting like a mirror.

Unfortunately there’s no such option for iPads — the choice is between extreme gloss ultra glossy or super-high gloss.

Australian entrepreneur Raaj Menon who runs PC Range and brings the popular Billion modem range into Australia has launched a new range of iPad accessories called PADACS including a “GlareGuard” screen protector that turns your iPad screen matte.

Normally we’d be sceptical about a claim that a screen protector could turn a glossy screen matte and still look good but we’ve seen this one in the flesh uh plastic and the result is amazing — it really looks and feels exactly like a matte MacBook Pro screen and as a result light doesn’t reflect nearly as much. Fingerprints don’t show up as obviously either. The promotional pic to the right doesn’t really do it justice — we’ll update it with a pic of the actual protector on one of our iPads once we get one of our own.

Currently the GlareGuard is available for pre-order for $14.95 with free shipping and you can order a second one for half price which seems like a good deal to us (compared to other screen protectors at least.)

PADACS has also launched a range of pretty sweet-looking real leather cases for $32.95 which again seem like quite good value for money considering they’re made of leather. (Especially when you consider Apple’s own cases are made of a microfibre material and cost $48).

Menon says he is currently sourcing a car charger that delivers enough juice to charge iPads as well. Most in-car chargers don’t provide enough wattage to charge an iPad.