Optus iPhone 4 plans: $49 to $89, with up to 3GB of data

It’s on for young and old for normal folks and fanboys as Optus this morning makes its play for the iPhone 4.

The carrier’s four plans range from $49 per month to $89 per month with data scoping from 1GB to 3GB. There’s no sign of the unlimited data plan which some pundits had predicted – instead ‘unlimited’ applies to the call allowance for national calls and text (not overseas calls) in the top-shelf $89 package.

So what do you get for your money?

$49 per month: 1GB of data and $450 of talk and text plus an 8GB iPhone 3GS for no upfront cost; but add $8 per month over the life of the two year contract for the 16GB iPhone 4 or $15 per month for the 32GB iPhone 4.

$59 per month: 2GB of data and $550 of talk and text; the 8GB iPhone
3GS and 16GB iPhone are your for nix or stump up $10 per month (times 24) for the 32GB
iPhone 4.

$79 per month: the same 2GB of data but a motormouth-friendly $800 of talk and text and your pick of the iPhones without putting a dollar down.

$89 per month: 3GB of data on any iPhone 4 or the 8GB iPhone 3GS plus all the national calls you can make and texts you can send.

Optus will have the doors at selected stores open from midnight – for more details on plans and pricing click to www.optus.com.au/iphone4pricing.