Oppo R7s review

We quite liked Oppo’s R7 back when we reviewed it in November. The $450 mid-range smartphone offered great bang for buck, with a high-quality build, slick interface, good balance of processing-power and an all-day battery life.

With its new mid-ranger, the Chinese smartphone maker has seemingly taken a leaf out of Apple’s book, adding an ’s’ to the name. If you were expecting this to just be a faster version of the R7, however, you’d be mistaken.

R7s_Silver-4While the physical design is quite similar, this new model is a little bigger, taking the 5-inch 1080p AMOLED screen up into 5.5-inch phablet territory.

The other main additions are an extra gig of RAM (now 4GB) and double the storage, now a more comfy 32GB. You can still add a microSD card to that, too (up to 128GB), although you’ll have to forgo the R7s’s second SIM slot.

In terms of CPU and GPU, they’re identical to the R7: a mid-tier Snapdragon 615 and Adreno 405 combo that amply covers the basics.

One of the big appeals of the R7 was it’s sturdy feel and that’s thankfully been reproduced here, with the very solid aluminium-magnesium frame wrapping around the outer-edge, and Gorilla Glass 4 protecting the screen.

Its large 3,070mAh battery lasted an excellent 8:07hr in PCMark for Android’s battery test, and the phone even supports fast-charging.

In short, if you liked the look of the R7 but prefer a bigger handset, this one’s got a lot of appeal — and it’s well worth the extra $80 or so that Oppo’s asking.

Verdict: A bigger, but not faster, version of the already appealing Oppo R7. What’s not to like?

Price: $529
From: Oppo

Rating: 4 stars out of 5