Only 15,000 people buy Office 2007 for $75

Roger the Dodgy Microsoft guy: selling Microsoft software cheap

A mere 15000 people have taken up Microsoft Australia’s offer to get Office Ultimate 2007 for just $75 possibly disproving the argument that if Microsoft dropped the price of software people who might otherwise pirate it would buy it.

The deal was made available to all Australian university students via the website.

Students now have one month left get Office for $75 from the website.

It’s Not Cheating! offers students the opportunity to purchase a one year license of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for just $25 or a perpetual license for $75.

However Microsoft says it is pleased with the sales figures.

“While our initial efforts were concentrated on universities we will be looking to roll it out more widely based on the success of this program” said Ms Jane Mackarell Education Marketing Manager Microsoft Australia.

Mackarell said the offer allowed students to have Office without being “tempted to break the law”.

Students who take the deal don’t get an install CD box or manual — they have to download their own copy and use a serial number that’s provided to them online. Microsoft says the savings in CD replication packaging and distribution have been passed on in price reductions.