Oh dear: Microsoft Twitterer doesn’t know who’s who

Whoever “Mick” is he’s doing a good job keeping up the maintenance of the company’s official #office2010au hashtag and replying to all the press customers and analysts tweeting about the launch.

Just a fine fellow spreading the good will around.

The only problem is we have a feeling “Mick” doesn’t quite know who’s who in the Microsoft universe. Take this reply he wrote to @gwhiteoz:

Does “Mick” know that @gwhiteoz is actually Graham White the head of Microsoft Australia’s PR agency Howorth and probably helped organise the launch today?

But as any good journalist knows it’s not enough just to go through a company’s PR agency. If you want to take the message to the people you have to go internal. So “Mick” went right to the top to Microsoft Australia’s head of Corporate Communications Joanna Stevens Kramer.

Oh dear.

We think the correct response from Jo should be:

“@msau hello Mick what do you think of the launch? Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks I know where the content is. I #$%^&ing put it there.”