Norton Online Backup review

A stand-alone version of the online backup tool that comes with the three or five-device version of Norton Security Premium suite, Norton Online Backup is rather expensive for what’s on offer.

Although it supports up to five PCs, only 25GB of storage is supplied in total, which will come short of a lot of users’ needs. Still, it’s a product that’s not without its selling points.

For home users, its key advantage is its simplicity. You don’t even have to manage it from the PCs it’s installed on. Once the agent is installed, it’s managed almost entirely through the Norton web portal.

It’s the same web portal that’s used for Norton’s other services, like Norton Family and the aforementioned security suite. That makes it great if you have a multi-PC home — you don’t have to invade the kids’ computers to manage their backups.

It’s set to automatically backup files of certain types stored in your user folders (ie. documents and photos), but you can also add additional directories to be backed up, though there is unfortunately no easy File Explorer integration.

Older versions of backed up files are stored for up to 90 days, and all files can be retrieved as downloads through the web interface.

As a bonus, you can also create URL links to specific files in the archive, allowing another party to directly download a backed up file.

Norton is appealing if you’re looking for an install-and-forget solution.

Price: $80 per year for up to five PCs.

From: Norton

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5