No plans for ‘7Lite’ reveals vLite creator

If netbook enthusiasts and OS minimalists had their way Dino Nuhagic would be nominated for sainthood.

Nuhagic is the creator of nLite and vLite – two free utilities for building a customised Windows XP or Vista installation disc or ISO image complete with slipstreamed service packs and hotfixes unwanted components weeded out and new apps and specific drivers added.

nLite in particular has found new popularity among the owners of netbooks as a way to reduce the memory footprint of XP and cut back on how much space the OS takes up on a netbook’s small hard drive or even smaller solid state drive.

vLite cuts Windows Vista down to size – and also Windows 7 beta builds from what we hear…

And although vLite does work with Windows 7 beta builds there’s obvious interest in an updated program tailored for Windows 7. But don’t hold your breath.

“For now vLite for (Windows) 7 is unlikely purely due to lack of time” Dino Nuhagic told APCmag in an email interview. “With my new full-time job I don’t have much time for my programs.”

While Nuhagic allowed that “this (situation) might change” he says that Windows 7 is certainly a step in the right direction for those wanting a slimmer OS. “7 is better than Vista in regards of user-perceived performance. Also I like the bigger removable component list (in the Control Panel).”

But Nuhagic’s not ruling out the development of a 7Lite to trim the fat from Windows 7. “Until it’s Minwin with a few chosen components on top of it I will not rest! ☺” he writes.