SHOCK: No major changes in next iPhone

It is rumored that Apple will launch a new iPhone model later in the year and no doubt many people hope that the design will be changed significantly. However some feel quite the opposite and speculate that we will see no aesthetic changes to the new device. The latest report by a forum user claims that the unreleased model has its own icon within the iPhone 3.0 developer tools (iPhone SDK).

The new models icons look exactly the same as the iPhone 3G. The below screenshot shows that the new device if this rumor is true would look no different than those models of the past.

The forum post states “Whenever you launch iTunes it has a pic of your iPhone’s model” it continues “This is the same as with the SDK (in Organiser). While searching for an un-related file in Spotlight it turned up an image deep into folders called ‘iPhone 2 1’.” The author feels that the images are more than likely authentic though of course Apple could be paying more attention to the tiny technical leaks via its software and may have intentionally cloaked the new device.

In the past the SDK has been proven to have contained details of upcoming models for example the 3.0 SDK leaked the magnometer and details regarding the 3G chip in the 2.0 SDK. Apple additionally uses the same applications in-house to develop and test their applications.

Although most Apple rumour sites at the moment agree there will be no groundbreaking changes in the iPhone 3.0 other rumours suggest Apple will be making minor tweaks including a 7.2Mbit/s 3G chip a rubber-coated back to fight the hairline cracks problem Apple has had with the shiny plastic back of the iPhone 3G and a 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording capability in software.

The clearance of the iPhone 3G by Vodafone and Optus shows that the iPhone 3.0 release is coming very soon — most likely at the keynote speech on June 8th at WWDC in San Francisco (June 9th Australian time.)