New iPhone tethering app goes live

The App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch has been an undeniable success with over 100 million downloads but signs of stress are starting to appear on the surface. They are coming from developers who are spending time and money developing apps which are being rejected from the App Store after submission.
One of the first apps to be rejected by Apple was Nullriver’s Netshare. You might recall that Netshare made an appearance got pulled got reinstated and then pulled again. 
Well Netshare have finally received a response from Apple and have updated there website with the following statement:
“Looks like Apple has decided they will not be allowing any tethering applications in the App Store. As such NetShare will not be available in the iTunes App Store. We are seeing a lot of similar reports from various developers whose applications were abruptly removed and banned from the App Store without any violations of the terms of service. This is all unfortunate news for the iPhone platform end-users.'”
But while Netshare isn’t available a new app called iPhoneModem has emerged to fill its place. 
iPhoneModem is conceptually similar to NetShare in that a secure SSH connection is established between your iPhone and your computer via an ad-hoc WiFi network but unlike NetShare you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone (2G and 3G) and install a small utility on your Mac.
According to the website you’ll need to download and run the iPhoneModem app for Mac to use iPhoneModem. You’ll also need to install the iPhoneModem zsrelay program from the MMi repository in Cydia on your iPhone. The Mac utility automates the creation of an adhoc WiFi network and prompts you to connect to the adhoc WiFi network and switch on SSH on your iPhone. Once you’ve done that iPhoneModem initiates and completes the connection.
I had a play with iPhoneModem – and while it’s easy to install and set up (assuming you know how to jailbreak your phone) getting the application to work on the Mac end is somewhat confusing and requires more than a cursory amount of technical understanding. I spent about an hour on it before everything worked. Still if you’ve got a large data cap you want to take advantage of tethering via hacking is your only option at the moment.
For me though the hassle and bother of getting all the stars aligned to make it work in its current incarnation is just too much effort to bother.