New iPhone set to launch on June 7th

It’s already been outed by Gizmodo but Apple’s new iPhone is tipped to make its official debut on Monday June 7th – or the wee hours of Tuesday June 8th Australian time.

That’s when Steve Jobs is expected to make his keynote address at Apple’s 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco and will likely pull a fourth-gen iPhone from the pocket of his blue jeans.

It’s almost certain to be same device that Gizmodo revealed in controversial circumstances earlier this month which will steal much of Jobs’ thunder considering the slick new design of the smartphone and its bevy of added features. But Jobs still has plenty left up the sleeve of his black mock turtleneck not least of all a name: iPhone HD iPhone 3HD or even iPhone 4G..? (We’re betting on HD.)

Whatever it’s called the new iPhone is likely to go on sale sometime later that month. US carrier AT&T which currently has exclusive rights to the iPhone has put a block on all employees taking holidays in June – the same move they’ve made for the launch of the previous three iPhones.

Also up for some time in the spotlight will be iPhone OS 4 and perhaps new hardware. Having just had a refresh of the MacBook Pro family that leaves desktop systems and the MacBook Air to the ever-present possibility of a revamped Apple TV set-top box or even (please please oh please) some form of home server.

And speaking of dates being set Apple still hasn’t named the day for the local launch of the twice-delayed iPad.

The 3G version of the iPad goes on sale in the US this Friday April 30th but “the end of May” is still all that’s being said for the iPad’s debut in Australia Canada Japan the UK and parts of Europe.

While April 24th was widely tipped as the release date for those countries prior to the pushback there’s been not a whisper of any specific day in May.