NetGear Push2TV streams PC to TV wirelessly

It’s the kind of idea that’s obvious once you think of it: connecting your PC wirelessly to your TV so you can broadcast media directly from it rather than using a media extender.

NetGear’s Push2TV isn’t the first device to try and offer that functionality but has one major advantage over earlier concepts. It utilises Intel’s newly-developed Wireless Display technology which features on its 2010 processor range to allow the streaming of content to a TV set which is connected to the Push2TV box via HDMI. Because the data is transmitted using a separate wireless connection rather than being redirected through the same router being used to access streaming media performance should be more reliable.

Netgear debuted the device at CES where it formed part of the keynote speech by Intel CEO Paul Otellini. APC gave it a brief test run in Netgear’s on-site demo suite. Connection on a Windows 7 notebook PC was very straightforward and the device handled transmission of high-volume content (in this case a live broadcast from the Hulu streaming TV service) without any obvious glitches.

The main limitation of that approach is that the PC connected to the device needs to include the Wireless Display technology. While the key application is likely to be streaming content from services such as the ABC’s iView it also provides a solution for using a laptop PC as a Blu-ray player or simply playing downloaded TV episodes without the hassle of physically connecting your PC or buying a media extender box.

Push2TV will go on sale in Australia in March for $149.