More power than a nuclear reactor? Corsair AX1200 PSU review

Corsair introduces the latest power monster: the AX1200 fully modular PSU. Corsair has been making power supplies for many years and has always been a leader in design reliability and efficiency making it the benchmark for quality products.

Some people may believe a cheap power supply can run your system fine on bare minimum specifications and that there is not a need for these high-power PSUs but when you are dealing with enthusiast hardware and high-end graphics cards why would you take the risk? A cheap power supply can easily kill your entire system.

The AX1200 is the first 1200-watt PSU Corsair has made and you can tell they have really put the time into the engineering behind this PSU featuring a single 12V rail 5V & 3.3V rail. The efficiency is exceptional earning this power supply an 80-class gold rating while keeping the safest of operations with over-current over-power and under-power protection. In the past Corsair has offered semi-modular or non-modular options classed under TX or HX branding. AX has brought us fully modular cabling making cable management a walk in the park.

Testing of this PSU was difficult; trying to find enough hardware to load this power supply was not easy. We eventually managed to pair up 3x GTX480 with an i7 980x and that got the power draw pumping pulling a crazy 1240W from the wall and remained stable through all the benchmarks.

The other thing to note on this power supply is it is extremely quiet: I could not hear this PSU running at all. There were some reports of early units presenting a buzzing sound from the coils but those units have been recalled: our unit did not have any issues with coil buzz at all.

Available from Corsair retailing for $369.
APC rating: 9/10