Mionix Nash 20 review

Mionix Nash 20

They’re not colourful or flashy, you can’t add flair or change the tag and you’re not likely to see them flaunted by your favourite Twitch.TV streamer. The Mionix Nash 20 headphones are all utilitarian business; they have no aspirations to be anything but a solid gaming headset. And that’s why we like them so much.

The Mionix Nash 20’s super rigid, matte-black, soft-touch plastic and aggressively horse-shoed headband looks uncomfortable, but – like a rifle that only shoots marshmallows – in practice it’s a dream come true.

The oversized cans themselves float within the frame and feature a surprising range of pivot for auto-adjusting to the noggin.

Rounding out the remainder of the feature list is a small – probably a little too small – volume scroller behind the left can, plus a boom mic that unmutes itself with a satisfying click as it swings into action.

Wriggle room for improvement

A little more mouldability in the mic arm would have been nice aesthetically, but we never had comms issues in our testing.

The semi-closed design allows just enough air to circulate amongst the drivers, which improves the overall soundscape without sacrificing the passive isolation that closed-back systems offer. It’s a nice balance and definitely something we’d like to see offered from other brands. It also helps that they sound fantastic.

We do harp on about headset utility and sadly this is where the Mionix Nash 20 slips; there’s no quick-release cabling, removable mic and you’re unlikely to travel with something so big.

Verdict: A robust, comfortable and great-sounding PC gaming headset. Not recommended for showponies (or real ponies, for that matter).

Price: $150
From: Mionix

Rating: 4 stars out of 5