Microsoft: we let you down with XP

Firewall: thank goodness we have Hollywood to make cheesy tech-cliche movies for us.

TECH.ED | “We let you down with Windows XP”. So stated Steve Riley in an afternoon session today at Tech.Ed Australia entitled “Making the Tradeoff: Be Secure or Get Work Done”.

He was referring to the fact that Windows XP was released with no effective firewall software leaving users exposed in an online world.  The situation was eventually remedied with the inclusion of Windows Firewall in XP Service Pack 2.  This application in an of itself wasn’t considered  the best client firewall out there but it did (and does) effectively stop incoming traffic.  

Traditionally users have often disabled Windows Firewall in favour of freeware alternatives but the version included in Windows Vista offers much more comprehensive client protection and is a suitable security option for any user. 

It’s not often that a Microsoft spokesperson will openly state what the rest of us have always known but then Steve isn’t known for dodging awkward topics .

“We let you down”? We know!

James Bannan is attending Tech.Ed Australia as a guest of Microsoft.

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