Melbourne Mac fan flies to US to bring back the first iPad in Australia

Apple’s iPad goes on sale in the US in little under three weeks with eager buyers expected to form a queue outside stores such as Apple’s iconic ‘glass cube’ on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Somewhere in that snaking line will be Anthony Agius who is making the trek from Melbourne to New York to pick up an iPad ahead of the Australia launch later that month.

It’s the first overseas trip for Agius who edits the popular Mac site MacTalk and was spurred to book his flight when Apple announced the iPad would go on sale in the US on April 3rd but the planned ‘late March’ release for Australia would be pushed back to late April.

“When I learned that the iPad was going to be out in the USA before it was out here I immediately thought ‘I have to get one… hey how much is a flight to the USA? Not as much as I thought!’” Agius told APC. “Then five minutes later I was thinking ‘Oh dear what have I done?’ If I stopped to think about it I probably wouldn’t be going!”

But any initial qualms Agius has over his trip – and the estimated $3500 bill – have been driven away by the enthusiastic support from his Mac-loving friends over a dozen of whom have paid in advance for Agius to bring them back an iPad of their own.

His battle plan alongside fellow MacTalk member Peter Wells who is also making the journey is to “attack all four Apple stores in Manhattan and if the Apple resellers end up getting iPads on launch day I’ll be visiting there too. I’m more than happy to fulfill the requests of my fellow ‘gotta have it now!’ nerds.”

like this one for the iPhone 3G are likely to be repeated for the
launch of the iPad

Agius says he’ll spend a full week on New York of which one day will be set aside for his iPad blitz.

“I was initially going to go to Los Angeles for one day buy some iPads and then return home but I decided that would be pretty tough. Plus whenever you see the media coverage for an Apple launch event it’s always outside that glass cube on Fifth Avenue so that’s where I wanna be.”

Agius tells APC he’ll be buying a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for himself but plans to upgrade to a 3G model when those are released in Australia. “So I’ll get the Wi-Fi one to play with then pass it on to a family member or someone else after I get my 3G one”.

For all that Agius rejects the label of being an Apple ‘fanboy’. “The best way to explain this is if you have a favourite band a band that you love and are a big fan of. They have a new album coming out and you really want to hear it so you go to any length to get a listen. For me Apple is my favourite band and anything they make I want to try out. I get much more enjoyment out of playing with new gadgets or tech than a night out on the town. I love technology!”

For more on Agius’ trek to The Big Apple (and if you want to place an order for your own iPad) click to MacTalk In New York.