Master Builder’s Budget Gaming PC

We’ve asked a professional master builder Michael Leins of Altech to build the best possible budget gaming PC he could. 

The actual Budget Gaming system on our test bench. The case we use for our Labs builds is an Antec Skeleton which is convenient for frequent build changes and upgrades. The actual case recommended for this budget system is listed below.


CPU: i5-750 – $399

The Intel Core i5-750 is a great quad-core CPU with good overclocking ability if that is your thing. The genuine quad-core and Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz is the best of both worlds.

MOBO: ASRock P55DE3 – $149

This is a great motherboard with a price tag to match. The latest P55 chipset with nice features such as CrossFireX support. This board has enough features for this budget system without going over the top on pricing.

RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz – $160

Of course we need DDR3 to support the Core i7-750 processor on the P55 chipset and the 1333MHz for its speed. We’ve also gone with 4GB of memory which is enough for a decent gaming machine without becoming too expensive. 

GRAPHICS: XFX 5770 1GB DDR5 – $259

You can’t skimp on a graphics card for a gaming system. The latest 5000 Series video card with support for multi monitor Eyefinity DirectX 11 for new games and enough power to play anything in the shops today.


HARD DISK: Hitachi 500GB – $109

This is a reliable hard disk drive and 500GB should be enough for an entry-level gaming system. 7200RPM is a must here to keep loading times down. Hard disk drives are easy to add down the track as well. 


OPTICAL DRIVE: BenQ DVD-RW drive – $39

This is a cheap and good DVD writer which is just fine for installing games or sharing files with your friends and family.


PSU: Antec Neo ECO 450 – $65

This new PSU from Antec is a high-quality PSU enough to power the configuration we have here and pleasingly green.

CASE: Antec 200 – $95

The Antec 200 comes with decent build quality nice features like HDD hot-swap slot and plenty of room for our build with even more space to grow in the future.


For the purposes of consistency in testing APC has chosen BenQ as our preferred partner for monitors in Live Builds since it’s the only supplier able to provide us with a monitor for virtually every different type of PC build. We also believe BenQ monitors deliver a great mix of performance and value. 

MONITOR:  BenQ E2420HD – $399

It wouldn’t be a good gaming system without a high-quality monitor. This 24in widescreen model from BenQ gives us a full HD resolution and excellent video/gaming performance. With 11 connectors on the back you can also plug in your consoles. 

Built into BenQ monitors is the Senseye IPU (Image Processing Unit). Featuring advanced image enhancement technology it optimizes contrast and sharpness giving ultimate clarity and depth. 

Senseye separates color signals and adjusts each one individually thus avoiding distortion and delivering an all-round richer experience.