Make any PC a touchscreen PC: AOC Touchmate e2239Fwt review

When it comes to computers touchscreens are typically only seen on AIO PCs tablets the occasional notebook and DIY projects. Sensing a potential market AOC has released a monitor that will add touchscreen functionality to any computer.

The Touchmate e2239Fwt is a pretty normal screen under the hood. It has a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution a 20 million-to-one dynamic contrast ratio 5ms response time and is LED backlit. The screen itself has a glossy coating and is very reflective making it unsuitable for bright environments. On the plus side it does produce vibrant colours and deep blacks.

Of course the most important feature is the touch screen. While we had visions of swiping through windows Minority Report style the reality is a bit more mundane. The screen does support multi-touch though only in a suitably equipped OS such as Windows 7. Navigating through Windows is pretty intuitive and easy though we recommend you increase your icon and text size unless you have tiny fingers. Normal gaming with the touchscreen is mostly a bust though simple Facebook games and the like were actually a lot of fun. The screen is also pretty prone to fingerprints though they do wipe off very easily.

Unlike a normal LCD the Touchmate has two legs instead of a central stand letting you tuck a keyboard underneath. In an interesting move the e2239Fwt doesn’t include a DVI port instead relying on dual HDMI and VGA inputs. It includes speakers and while they aren’t cinema quality they are a notch above most others found in LCDs. Unfortunately the Touchmate doesn’t include a VESA mount or any other way to secure it to a wall. This is a shame considering it would make an excellent interactive wall display.

In normal use the Touchmate draws 22W – comparable to other LED backlit monitors of similar size. While overpriced as a normal screen if you want to add touch capabilities to an existing computer the AOC Touchmate is an excellent option. Don’t forget to compare prices online as it can be found for under $330.

Available from AOC retailing for $399.
APC rating: 7/10