MacBook Pros updated with Core 2 Duo chips

Overnight Apple launched an updated range of MacBook Pros all of which are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo chips. Apple claims a 39% speed boost over the previous model making the latest MacBook Pros up to seven times faster than a PPC G4 1.67 GHz PowerBook.

High-end users will also welcome the return of the FW800 port which was stripped from the first Intel Mac models.

Apple puts more space between its “consumer” MacBooks and “professional” MacBook Pros by increasing the RAM in the new MacBook Pros to a possible 3GB and offering a 200GB harddrive as a CTO option.

Double-layer SuperDrives are also now standard across the range.

The three model MacBook Pro range now looks like this:

Australian RRP prices (with US prices for comparison) are $3199 (US$ 1999) for the 2.16GHz model $3999 (US$2499) for the 2.33 GHz one and $4399 (US$ 2799) for the 17″ top of the range model.

The Australian Apple Store is selling them now although delivery will take just over a week.