Mac repair shops popping champagne after ‘eco-friendly’ DVD gets stuck in hundreds of Macs

British computer magazine PC Plus is reporting that Mac repair shops around the country are doing ‘brisk trade‘ after a free DVD in the Daily Mirror newspaper got stuck in unknown quantities of Apple Macs.

The ‘Ecodisc‘ was distributed to millions of Britons free of charge with their Sunday newspaper.

The disc is only half as thick as a regular DVD and made of biodegradable materials which meant was supposed to reduce the environmental impact of producing that many DVDs which — let’s face it — were mostly destined for the dustbin.

Unfortunately it also got stuck in the slot-loading drives used by nearly all Macs. The very angry owners of those Macs are now having to have the drives replaced.

The manufacturer of the EcoDiscs is taking no responsibility blaming Apple for using drives that don’t use an ejection mechanism approved by the DVD standards regulator the DVD forum.

And the Daily Mirror points out the disc has a warning printed on it saying ‘no Apple slot in drive” (which given the poor English we can understand people missing).

It’s not the first time people with slot-loading drives have been caught out by discs that aren’t perfectly manufactured to specification.

Some cheap discs are manufactured slightly thicker than the official standard and while they may slide in OK they get caught on the way out.

One reader of Popular Mechanics had this tale of success to tell: “i tried everything and my CD wouldn’t come out. i even hit my laptop a little. nothing worked until i went onto my itunes and i pressed “burn CD” and it ejected enough to take it out. my cd drive thing doesn’t work anymore but i got the CD out which makes me feel so much better.”

Have you had a ‘stuck disc’ experience or other optical media horror story? Share it in the comments below including what you did to fix it!