Logitech G510 review


The G range of Logitech products is extremely popular with gamers despite the sometimes hefty price tags. The G510 gaming keyboard is no exception and offers absolute top-notch features — though amazingly it does so for a surprisingly affordable price.

Logitech G510 APC review

The G510 includes the signature Logitech LCD that can provide gaming stats system telemetry or any other info you want via third-party software. You also get a full 18 individual programmable G keys that can be assigned actions or macros of your choosing as well as three profiles. This is a huge boon to hardcore RTS or MMO players who crave easy access to many functions. You also get a Windows key lockout mode for gaming.

The G510 has backlit keys with adjustable colours and intensity as well as media control buttons and an excellent volume wheel. In a move we love the G510 has a USB soundcard in the keyboard so you can simply plug your headphones straight in. No USB hub is included though which is a bit disappointing. The G510 is extremely comfortable to use and key presses are solid yet smooth. It sits very securely on your desk and won’t move around accidentally although those who are cramped for space should be aware that it’s very wide at 51cm.

For people who don’t play MMOs the 18 G keys might seem like overkill but remember you can also assign them to your favourite Windows functions. Even so the rest of the G510’s features make it a solid choice.

Special features :

  • Inbuilt sound card
  • Gaming LCD
  • Volume wheel

Pros : Backlit 18 G keys quality.
Cons : Large expensive overkill.
Verdict : 9 out of 10. Editor’s choice!

Available from Logitech retailing for $100


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