dumps Linux news

If you’re used to seeing the newsy homepage look like this:

You’ll have to get used to it looking more like this:

That’s because Linux Foundation is now officially the new host of The new owner which is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux stands to benefit from’s 21% growth in traffic last year. The new site will provide tools and community services as well as information about Linux.

It is envisioned to become a collaborative site for users and developers of the Linux community and will be heavily influenced by community input on what should be on there.

To start the ball rolling a so called “IdeaForge” has been launched to serve as an avenue for posting discussing and voting on suggestions that will eventually shape the future of There are currently less than 10 ideas on the IdeaForge page but some of the popular ones so far are:

  • a hardware central product directory – this would feature everything related to hardware issues including compatibility of specific hardware and devices that use Linux among others;
  • video how tos;
  • an end user network – a social network devoted to Linux; and
  • a live/community Q&A – a question and answers widget.

The main beneficiaries of this development are the actual users and developers who will now be able to find not only a comprehensive source of information but also a collaborative environment supported by a well established organization in the form of the Linux Foundation.

On the other hand losing the news aggregator on such a premium domain name as is a bit of a blow to the community but (warning: shameless plug coming) you can at least come to for your daily dose of Linux news.