Linux-based MeeGo mobile OS makes its netbook debut

IDF Beijing 2010 | Two months after announcing the merger of the Maemo and Moblin operating systems into a single open-source OS named MeeGo Intel has demonstrated MeeGo running on a range of devices at its annual Intel Developer Forum chipfest in Beijing.

First up is an Acer netbook built around the new Atom Pinetrail platform. From what we’ve seen the UI is mostly Moblin including the iconic system-wide menu running across the top of the screen.

There’s also a dock-like strip for launching your most frequently-used apps and right out of the box you get streaming alerts for updates on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well as any instant messages sent your way.

Here are two screenshots from a short demo video which Intel has posted on YouTube.

MeeGo brrows heavily from the Moblin UI (which we reckon is a good thing). The personalised My MeeGo
home screen (above) includes upcoming appointments and tasks an app launcher dock (which can be customised in the Apps page as shown below) and a live feed of social networking updates and instant messages

Intel also showed MeeGo running on devices ranging from a smartphone to a flat-screen TV set and showed how content such as a video clip could be synced between devices so you could continue watching it as you changed locations and devices.

That’s just a sample of MeeGo’s scope with  Intel’s senior veep for software and services Renee James saying that MeeGo is intended to power a wide range of devices including “netbooks 3G smartbooks tablets media phones and mobile entertainment systems”.

The final 1.0 release of MeeGo is due mid-year. If you’re tempted to do some tinkering in the meantime you can download MeeGo for Atom-based netbooks from