LG teams up with Telstra BigPond for IPTV

TV sets are slowly becoming just a massive wall-mounted monitor suitable for bringing Internet into the living room.

LG has announced that its 2010 range of flatscreen panels will come with preloaded access to Telstra’s BigPond Movies service which lets customers download movies over a broadband connection rather than trot to the local DVD store. The only caveat is that your Internet pipe needs a minimum speed of 3.5Mbps.

BigPond subscribers can also watch unmetered content from the ISP including news sports and music videos. LG’s Netcast system also supports YouTube playback on the big screen.

LG says that the BigPond TV service “will evolve over time to provide a range of IP delivered video services… including linear channels and video on demand across a range of genres headlined by news sport and movies with music and games content soon to follow.”