LG G4 review

An elegant and attractive flagship phone, the LG G4’s main point of difference is its detachable leather backing, which makes it instantly recognisable among the increasingly identical horde.

The G4 also packs a longer battery life, improved camera and upgraded screen over its G3 forebear. And, if leather’s not your style, it comes with an alternative polycarbonate back, too.

The G4’s battery is also removable, which explains the need for a plastic cover (easier to remove and less likely to break than a metal one). Its gorgeous QHD 5.5-inch LCD screen is exceptionally clean and even-toned, and vies for top spot with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as the best on the market.

LG’s making a big deal about the camera prowess of the G4, and rightly so: there’s a 16MP snapper on the rear, and it’s fused with a f1.8 aperture that’s designed to deliver spectacular low-light shots.

On top of that, LG has added in a huge amount of control to the camera. Quite frankly, it’s up there with the best we’ve tested.

In our benchmark tests, the LG G4 performed quite admirably, but it’s a little behind other flagships. This is by no means a slow device and it’ll handle anything you can throw at it, although there are faster options.

Battery life is also impressive, and when you add in the ability to switch the G4’s battery out for a spare, you shouldn’t find yourself running out of juice too often.

Sexy and sophisticated, this handset is sure to turn a few heads.

Verdict: Not everyone is going to love its design (we do), but they will love the G4’s incredible screen, camera and processing power.

Price: $929
From: LG

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

  • LG G4 is an excellent big-screen smartphone that will appeal to budding photographers,