Lenovo unveils A70z all-in-one desktop PC

Lenovo has unveiled another new all-in-one computer called the ThinkCenter A70z. The new offering isn’t quite as stout as the high-end AIO machine Lenovo unveiled last month called the B500 with quad-core power. The A70z makes due with options including Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron dual-core processors.

The A70z sports a 19-inch 16:10 widescreen LCD that promises to take up 70% less space than a traditional desktop computer. Other features of the machine include support for DirectX 10 built-in optical drive six USB ports and a pair of speakers built-in. The computer also has optional WiFi. The machine supports up to 500GB of storage.

Lenovo promises that the A70z will boot 35 seconds faster than comparable machines and can shut down 40% faster than rival systems. Fast startup and shutdown means a lot to many computer users. When time to head home comes around you want to go and when it’s time to work you want to get to it. The A70z will sell for about $548 ($US499) when it is available at the end of the month. As Australian retailers are apt to do the price will likely be 10% or so more than the U.S. equivalent.