Lenovo goes quad-core

Lenovo has pulled the wraps off a few new computers including one new all-in-one called the B500 with a design much more interesting to look at than the C100 we saw from Lenovo back in September. The B500 has a very angular design that reminds me of a stealth fighter. The IdeaCenter B500 has a 23-inch LCD for starters. The machine can have up to a Core 2 Quad CPU 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD. DVD and Blu-ray drives are optional as is a TV tuner with remote.

Lenovo also unveiled the Y550P laptop. The machine has a 15-inch screen and is the first consumer focused portable notebook from Lenovo to get an Intel Core i7 option. The machine can be optioned with up to 8GB of RAM 500GB HDD NVIDIA GT 240M graphics and an integrated subwoofer is included. Lenovo also offers a cryptic feature called a touch-sensitive slide bar for desktop navigation. I am figuring that is some sort of scroll bar to replace the mouse scroll wheel. The machine is said to start at about $1500.

Lenovo is also adding to its ultraportable line with a new U150 which already debuted in Japan. The rig has a ULV Core 2 Duo CPU up to 8GB of RAM 320GB HDD and a screen 11.6-inches in size. The little rig will sell for around $708. All three of these new computers run Windows 7.