How about a snack of Windows 7?

If you want to see what all the fuss is about this Windows 7 stuff without having to bother finding a copy of the beta finding a registration code getting a spare PC drive or partition or even looking at endless screenshots. Then why not take a look at a neat set of animations (Silverlight required) produced by Microsoft.

A simple guide on migrating from Vista to Windows 7

Admittedly you do need to install Silverlight to view them but the results are at least informative if not Pixar quality with narratives of problems and solutions. There are seven snacks so far and each covers a different lesson be it migration the power shell user interface and other features. As part of the Springboard series of TechNet articles they provide useful backgrounders on what to expect and how it will improve the process of migrating a company from earlier versions of Windows.

Microsoft is putting a lot into Windows 7 education

If you’re unsure about how Windows 7 will fit into your business the snacks are worth a browse although we do have the feeling it all sounds a little too simple and easy…