LaCie Rugged Mini 1.5TB review

 LaCie Rugged Mini 1.5TB

If you like to treat your electronics equipment like it’s a Tonka truck the LaCie Rugged Mini might be just what you need. The drive is designed to be mistreated with water resistance military-grade shock absorption and massive pressure resistance. For some reason LaCie also felt the need to make it bright orange so it may be able to double as a traffic cone on dark nights. The rugged casing comes with a price however: the drive is rather more bulky than its competitors. But when it comes to the internals it makes no sacrifices. It has decent performance and the same excellent setup routines and usable software as other LaCie drives. Thankfully your wallet won’t hurt for the ruggedisation of the Rugged Mini 1.5TB drive either. In fact the LaCie is a bargain for its impressive 1.5TB capacity and is definitely a worthy buy for those who like to go off the beaten path.

Pros : Tonka tough tons of capacity bright orange makes it easily spotted.
Cons : Bright orange might be too loud for some.

Price: $170  |  From:  |  Verdict: 8 out of 10. Highly recommended.

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