Jabra Sport Pace Wireless review

Audio company Jabra has long branched out into sports headphones, and the Sport Pace are the successor to the (not very good) Sport Plus.

Thankfully, these do a better job, though for the price (and Jabra’s heritage), we wish they were a little better.

The Pace is the entry-level product in the new Jabra series, a simple stereo Bluetooth unit minus the heart rate detector and motion sensor found in the Pulse and Coach, respectively.

You don’t just get the headphones with each, you also get access to their training app that provides audio feedback on what and how you’re progressing while running, cycling, walking, skiing and so on.

For the Pace, anything on dry land is covered off, as it’s all powered by the GPS in your phone and your metrics (age, weight, height) you plug in at the start. The app, here, with its voice feedback and clean interface, is the Pace’s saving grace, but without the tech of the Pulse or Coach it’s a little crippled.

Keen readers will note that the Pace employ a loop rather than the ear wing and gel system. While wings and gels are slightly weird-looking, they’re highly effective and comfortable, they’re leagues ahead of the silicon tips here.

Three pairs are included in the box, and they’re all rock hard with little give, meaning that’s it’s hard to get a good, comfortable fit — forget about reliable bass performance.

The upside is that these aren’t going anywhere, and a sweat-soaked run demonstrated that superbly.

For the asking price, we’d question if your budget could be stretched to the Coach, and if not, then we’d suggest looking elsewhere for both buds and app.

Price: $159.95
From: Jabra

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5