No joke: get Nero 9 for free!

Back in the day Nero seemed to come bundled with every CD and then DVD drive you ever brought. Now it’s usually available in a big box in the stores or as a premium download. The latest version Nero 9 Reloaded celebrates this free spirit by going back to its roots stripping out a lot of the extra features and providing a back-to-basics data-burning and disc-copying edition for free.

While many PC users will have already switched to open source software like InfraRecorder and others there is still a large user base happy with the latest version of the product they’ve used forever and Nero 9 Lite offers a smooth upgrade path to the full version at a discount price. You also can’t miss the very PlayStation3 swish that it is using for its box art and background!

Users of the free version can easily upgrade to the full all-singing all-dancing version of Nero

While there used to be a free edition of Nero this replaces and updates and improves on it by being smaller to install faster and while it still comes with a dreaded search toolbar and the questionable My Nero community is still very useful especially for anyone picking up a new Windows 7 or Vista PC and not amused by the lack of proper burning facilities. Note that it requires Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2 to install. Grab a copy of the free version here.