iRiver’s most popular seller

There’s a menu button just above the dial and the power button is below it. The controls are reasonably intuitive but the menu system was harder to use.

Desktop connectivity was easy with a USB cable – no proprietary connectors here. We were able to use Media Player to sync music and videos across without any fuss. iRiver include their own software for media management iRiver Plus 3 as well but it wasn’t any better than Media Player so we’re not really sure why they bothered?

Sound quality was reasonable but we struggled to get as rich a sound through both the supplied and our test headphones. Playing with the equaliser options helped a little but getting optimum sound output takes more effort with the X20 than with other units.

Videos played nicely through the 2.2in display that can be toggled between portrait and landscape modes. It would be nice if you could toggle while watching a movie but it’s not a deal-breaker in our view.

The X20 comes in 2GB 4GB and 8GB models.