iPhone sniper app released on day of Obama inauguration

President Bush had to declare a state of emergency in Washington D.C. for Barack Obama’s inauguration because the state’s police force wouldn’t have been enough to protect the incoming landmark president from the millions of people flooding into the US capital. The state of emergency allowed federal funds to be used to mobilise troops and federal agencies at a cost of $US110 million according to reports.

So as an aspiring iPhone developer what’s a good way to cash in on all this hoopla? Of course — it’s to release your uber-realistic sniper app on the day of Obama’s inauguration. Poor taste indeed.

This app is not a game — it’s a fully functional app that a real sniper could attach to their piece and have all the maths done for them — complex ballistics variables such as the type of ammunition in their M110 semi-automatic the distance to the soon-to-be-perforated plus prevailing wind direction and speed temperature humidity and current air pressure.

Put simply there’s now an iPhone app that takes care of the trigonometry so that all you need to do is press the trigger. Apple has approved the app for general consumption by the public — presumably the gadget giant forgot to write a rule into its developer contract that outlaws realistic weapon applications — but it hardly fits into Apple’s ‘family friendly’ image. Nor presumably is Apple Public Relations looking forward to the day a disturbed kid gets their hand on a sniper gun starts shooting his schoolmates from on top of the school gymnasium and is found to have used the iPhone app for it.

The Bulletflight app mounted to a sniper rifle

The $14 BulletFlight 1.0 app literally turns the iphone or iPod Touch into a ballistics computer complete with built-in profiles for three rifles – the M110 semi-automatic sniper rifle the KAC PDW and the 14.5 inch SR16 – and people can add their own weapon of choice.

Profiles for three popular sniper rifles are preloaded

There’s no need to consult boring tables. Just tap your way through the variables and – what was it that Steve Jobs is fond of saying? Oh yes – “Boom”. Quite literally so.

Entering the distance from barrel to bone via the iPhone interface

The app means someone with a sniper doesn’t need to understand ballistics charts and tables.

The iPhone can be mounted onto the rifle using a modified OtterBox case.

BulletFlight was developed up by Runaway Technology for Knight’s Aramament which builds  M110 semi-automatic sniper rifles and offers advanced weaponry from the guns themselves to  accessories like silencers scopes and thermal sights.

They also do a nice line in baseball caps and T-shirts decorated with the M110 sniper rifle and the US flag. God bless America indeed.