iPhone gets rave reviews except for…

iFans: waiting to touch the iPhone

iPhone gets rave reviews (well mostly anyway)

Lots of the leading tech journos have lavished praise on the yet-to-be-released iPhone. There are lots of summaries but this one over at Valleywag is easy to digest. You know what happens when Walt likes something don’t you?

iPhone to cost up to $3566?

According to Apple a two year contract for the iPhone could cost up to $US3000 ($A3566) in total. Could this stymie the success of iPhone or is the media just beating things up?

Motorola worried about iPhone as a competitor

Second-largest mobile phone maker Motorola has confessed it is worried about what effect the iPhone will have on its already plunging market share.

Padmasree Warrior Motorola’s chief technology officer told the Financial Times that she was “worried” about the effect of the US computer maker’s offering.

Another day another video tutorial from Apple

This one about how the virtual keyboard works is a great demo of the most controversial iPhone feature.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

TUAW has a good summary of the various iPhone cancellation scenarios. If the SIM card is in fact accessible this is certainly food for thought.

iPhone to work with Microsoft Exchange. iPhone does VPN

There are reports circulating that iPhone will sync with MS Exchange. Some of this is based on Walt’s comments but John Gruber believes this will be via an IMAP service rather than proprietary exchange support.

So what’s still missing?

This is a good summary of things that the current iPhone is missing. Maybe waiting for version 2.0 is a good idea? And don’t forget APC’s earlier article: Top 10 reasons to hate the iPhone — controversial reading but you’ll find it hard to argue with some of the points!