Internode strips covers off naked DSL

You can get rid of your annoying monthly Telstra line rental bill with Internode’s new “Naked” DSL service.

It also provides a massive expansion in Internode’s coverage as the naked ADSL2+ services will be offered via Optus DSLAMs.

The starting price is $59.95 a month for 5GB usage including Internode’s VoIP service NodePhone1 (this does not provide an incoming PSTN number though which is a crucial difference between it and iiNet’s naked offering.) NodePhone1 offers good value calls — 18c for an untimed national call for example. Other VoIP telcos offer lower call rates such as 10c for an untimed national call but generally make you pay a monthly subscription fee to get the rates.

Importantly Internode is still providing unmetered uploads on its naked service unlike iiNet which followed the lead of Telstra Optus Dodo AAPT and others in charging for uploads. This means that any use of P2P will chew up your usage allowance twice as fast as it would on a service like Internode’s that only charges for downloads.

Internode points out that the $30 per month saving on line rental makes the service much better value than traditional ADSL services which require a phone service. However like other Naked DSL services on the market Internode’s naked ADSL2+ is more expensive than its regular ADSL2+ plans. For example $59.95 on naked DSL only buys you 5GB of usage while $59.95 on regular ADSL2+ buys you 20GB usage.

Another way of looking at it though is that if you subtract the $30 line rental fee you’d otherwise have to be paying from the $59.95 Naked DSL fee it only costs $29.95 — and 5GB of usage is far better than the other $29.95 DSL plans on the market.

Whichever way you look at it the reason behind the cost discrepancy is unlikely to be Internode simply “cashing in” but rather reflective of the higher cost of buying access to Optus Wholesale DSLAMs rather than providing it through Internode-owned DSLAMs. The slightly higher price does mean many more people will be able to get Internode ADSL2+ than ever before.

However one problem with Optus’ ADSL2+ network is that in many exchange areas it is already full due to Optus’ own attractive offers like Optus Fusion.

Like other ULL-services where Telstra has to physically disconnect the line from their network and connect it to a different network the service has a high setup cost — $149. At present the service is only available to people who are connecting a service from scratch — there is no system in place to migrate an existing phone line to Internode Naked DSL though Internode says it plans to offer it within three months.

“We have decided to install brand new services initially because this is often a much quicker and cleaner process than converting an existing line. Once the new service is installed customers can either cut off their old service or keep it to support ‘dial-tone services’ like faxes or monitored security systems” said Internode’s Jim Kellett.

Full details of service availability and plan costs are published on the Internode website at