Internode inks Telstra ADSL2+ wholesale deal

Internode has announced it will soon be reselling Telstra ADSL2+ services giving it maximum network coverage.

Internode already offers ADSL2+ broadband services at more than 110 exchanges using its own DSLAM equipment and 350 exchanges through a wholesale agreement with Optus.

The Telstra Wholesale contract provides Internode with access to about 900 exchanges equipped with Telstra ADSL2+ DSLAMs.

The key point — pricing — hasn’t yet been revealed though. The ADSL2+ services will be available from December and Telstra-based PSTN landline services will be available from Internode in April 2009.

Other ISPs that resell Telstra ADSL2+ haven’t been able to offer much better value than Telstra’s own BigPond ADSL2+ which is very expensive.

Internode managing director Simon Hackett said “we hope customers who only have access to Telstra ADSL2+ ports will appreciate the option to move up to an Internode-provided ADSL2+ service at last.”

“We look forward to offering all our customers the option of a single Internode bill for their line rental their phone calls and their broadband services from April 2009.”

The move means that Internode will have among the largest network coverage of all ISPs — potentially even broader than Optus or Telstra individually. The one major ADSL2+ network Internode is not reselling is arch-rival iiNet’s.