Internet radio made easy: RadioSure 2.2 Pro review

There are lots of internet radio stations and plenty of programs to help you listen to them. RadioSure includes a directory of more that 17000 stations updated daily. Some of the genres seem a little odd – 702 ABC Sydney is classified as Talk-News while 774 ABC Melbourne comes under Talk-Public Radio – but they’ll mostly help you quickly locate a station to suit your mood and tastes.

The main window cannot be resized so it’s practically impossible to arrange the column widths to display all the information. The good news is that various user-contributed skins are available and the Big List skin does the job. There are more-ornate designs if that’s your thing. Skin installation is particularly easy – just drop the ZIP file onto the Skins panel in RadioSure’s Options window.

Most controls including picking a station from the favourites list are available by right-clicking the system tray icon if you like to keep the screen as clear as possible.

A ‘portable’ installation of RadioSure stores everything in one folder so you could carry the program and your settings and favourites around on a USB stick and use it at work and at home.

Timed recording is the weakest feature of the program. Users are expected to use Task Scheduler or similar to kick off RadioSure at the right time with the station duration and destination file in command line switches. If you’re interested in an alternative search the RadioSure forum for ‘scheduler’ – someone’s developed a plug-in to simplify the use of the EventGhost scheduler.

With a good built-in scheduler and the ability to record multiple streams from a single interface RadioSure Pro would deserve a highly recommended rating. The free version of RadioSure has relatively minor restrictions if you prefer to try before you buy.

Available from RadioSure retailing for US$9.99.
APC rating: 7/10