Internet Explorer market share under 60% and still falling

Like the Windows operating system and Office suite Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser used to be considered unassailable. It was the de facto standard it shipped on almost every new PC – what could go wrong?

But the browser’s share of the Web has steadily dropped in the face of competition from all sides with market monitors Net Applications reporting that April is the worst month yet for Internet Explorer – and the best for the ‘alternative browser’ brigade.

Web browser market share as at April 2010 (data and chart courtesy of Net Applications)

Internet Explorer’s browser share has dipped just below the embarrassing 60% watermark to 59.95% according to the latest data – a far cry from two years ago when IE was the dominant browser with a 77.63% stake on the Web.

Chrome has enjoyed the largest gains rocking up from 3.93% to 6.73% in the past six months. Chrome’s success has also come at the expense of Firefox which now sits at 24.59% but has actually lost ground since its high of 24.72% in November last year.

Apple’s Safari has made only marginal gains up from 4.36% in November 2009 to 4.72% in April 2010.