Intel’s Ivy Bridge: just one month away today?

Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processor range is set to be launched next month with an official announcement of the product lineup expected in late April followed by commercial availability a month from today on April 29 according to whispers on the internet.

CPU World reports sources have confirmed launch details for the platform which includes quad-core Core i5 and i7 chips (pictured above) for both mobile and desktop PCs to be released on that date while a range of Core i5 and i7 dual- and quad-core processors will not become available until June 3 (with Core i3 models not seeing the light until some time in Q3).

The staggered release timeframe if it eventuates could confirm Digitime’s earlier reports of Ivy Bridge delays owing to a surplus of Second Generation Intel Core (aka Sandy Bridge) CPUs across the inventories of Intel and notebook manufacturers. Either way Ivy Bridge — and the battery life enhancements it will deliver an industry of Intel-based PCs — is edging closer day by day with the latest rumours indicating there’s just one short month to go.