Intel mulls new brand for super-low-power processor

Last week the chipmaking colossus revealed first details of the chip which is built on the 4th generation 22nm Core architecture codenamed Haswell.

Question mark on Intel's new brand of super-low-power processor

The processor draws just 10 watts compared to the 17 watts of today’s most parsimonious ULV Core designs and 2 watts for the mighty mite Atom and is intended to drive a new wave of ‘convertible’ tablet/ultrabook designs.

“This is a new processor family which we will target at convertibles” explains Kirk Skaugen Intel’s general manager for PC Clients “with a 41 percent reduction in processor power but with performance burst capabilities far above what Atom or ARM could deliver.”

However Skaugen told APC that Intel was yet to decide what name the chip would carry when released in the second half of 2013.

“We haven’t selected the brand yet. We think this is game-changing technology and the convertible category could last for the next decade so we want to consider all possibilities (for its name).”

Skaugen said that the highly-recognised Core brand which Intel launched in 2006 “is obviously a strong contender.”

David Flynn is attending the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco as a guest of Intel.

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