IN PICS: Linus Torvalds shaves open source legend down to size

Bdale Garbee has had a beard since 1982; three weeks after he met his wife he began growing it. But after a complex series of alcohol-fuelled financial negotiations during the Penguin Dinner at Garbee – a well-known figure in the open source world for his role as HP’s open source honcho and as a leading light in the Debian community – agreed to have it shaved off by Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

Garbee’s beard donation along with other auctions and charity activities collectively raised more than $40000 to help save the Tasmanian devil. Here’s what happened at the Friday lunchtime shaving session.

Crowds gather for the shaving frenzy.

Condemned man Bdale Garbee sends a final email.

A sequence of emails from Garbee’s wife reacting to the event.

Rusty Russell declines to have his body waxed while singing “I Want To Break Free”.

Apparently Garbee’s wife expects him to grow the beard back. That way it can get shaved off again next year.

“What the hell have we got ourselves in for?”

The final “before” shot.

Linus seems happy at the thought of practising his skills.

Observing technique. “I have done this to my dog before” Torvalds confessed.

Linus’ first try with the clippers.

“Nothing can stop me now!”

Focusing on the job at hand.

Garbee gets into position. “No you cannot shave my stomach.”

Linus decides a different kind of clippers might be more appropriate.

Insert your own Samson and Delilah joke here.

Garbee clings to Tuz (the conference mascot) for support.

Torvalds: “He doesn’t appear to have any chin.”

When it’s time to use a razor Torvalds bows out gracefully.

Garbee remembers why he grew a beard – he hates shaving.

A mirror of the non-clustered kind.

It was around this time I suggested Garbee looked rather like Andrew Tridgell. Someone else responded: “Tridge I am your father!”

Linus contemplates his evil handiwork.

The fur is flying.

Twitter overflowed with live commentary from the event.

Almost done though not without injury.

That is a _nasty_ shaving cut.

Sporting the older Matt Damon look.

It’s all over bar five million more photographs . . .

Garbee and Torvalds: Next year maybe Linus will let Bdale wax him.

That’s what happens if you visit Tasmania.