Improving your appearance

When you join Second Life and select your first avatar you’re also broadcasting that you’re a newcomer. Key to success in Second Life’s social world are your looks so you are given many tools to change them.

There are many things you can do to upgrade your appearance. First you can alter the look of your avatar just by working through the Appearance options. Right click on your avatar and choose Appearance. Many Second Life members choose to look completely different from their real world selves (as one resident said “isn’t that the whole point?” Others spend considerable time altering their avatar’s body and facial features to resemble themselves.

The Appearance option provides many tools to change one’s looks starting with the Shape option which comes with sub-categories such as Body Head Eyes Ears Nose and so on.

You can make yourself look very different. But with considerable tweaking your avatar’s face can also be made realistic and life-like. Some Second Life residents achieve astonishingly photographic looks.

Importantly you can also modify your clothes through the Appearance option to a point. Here we remove the standard issue white shirt by painting it blue. Of course Second Life gives you more sophisticated tools to create your own clothes (and just about anything else) but that’s another tutorial!

That’s better. You can really spend hours here refining your appearance. But for newcomers it’s easier to change looks with new skins and clothes that you’ve accumulated in your Inventory.

Click the Inventory button on the bottom menu. The gear we picked up from Freebie Island is all in the Inventory box.

It’s all ready to be worn!

First of all Jeb must remove the clothes he is already wearing. From the top menu bar click Edit>Take Off Clothing> and select the clothing items to remove. Alternatively right click on the avatar and select Remove but this seems a more laborious way to do it as you need to work through more steps.

Jeb’s naked and is standing in a public place – he’s got to work quickly. Otherwise passers-by will stop and stare just as they would in real life.

Drag the Nike shoes from the Inventory to Jeb’s feet.

Drag a pair of jeans onto his legs.

Jeb’s not sure about this mesh top he picked up on Freebie Island.

This Rip Curl t-shirt does the trick.

And the aviator sunglasses complete the new-look Jeb.

Jeb’s ready to take on the world.


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