HP launches new tm2 convertible notebook at CES

HP is the world’s largest computer maker and as such the company ships a wealth of models ranging from basic netbooks to ultra mobile laptops like the Envy and full servers. HP has announced a new touch-enabled convertible notebook at CES 2010 called the TouchSmart tm2. The case of the notebook is made from aluminum and it sports an engraved design on the lid.

The tm2 is the follow up to the tx2 which was the first convertible tablet computer. The new tm2 supports multi touch input and gestures for control of the system. When you want to work normally the machine can be converted to use the regular keyboard. The notebook also sports digital pen input for drawing and handwriting with digital ink.

The machine runs Intel Core 2 Duo processors and can be fitted with optional ATI discrete graphics cards. The standard battery promises up to nine hours of battery life and a fingerprint reader is built-in as well. The notebook also ships with several touch enabled applications. The TouchSmart tm2 will ship in the U.S. on January 17 at $US949 which works out to $1031 minus the markup to grease the cogs of the retail machine here at home.