How to get Linden dollars

There are about 250 Linden dollars to every US$1.

The trouble is if you’re a free member you will have L$0 to your name. The amount you have is shown in the top right hand corner of the Second Life client or can be viewed via World>Manage my account. If you’re a premium member there will be some in your account because get a $300 Linder dollar monthly stipend.

But every member Basic or Premium can buy Linden dollars.

The easiest way to get Linden dollars is to buy them from Second Life’s LindeX currency exchange. But be aware that you will need to supply details of your credit card or Paypal account.

Go to World>Buy L$. A dialog box pops up from which you can buy the currency. Click Purchase.

The next box gives you the exchange rate. Click yes

If you are a Basic member and did not enter your credit card details when signing up you will get this.

To buy the L$ go to the site login to your account and go to your Member details page. Follow the link to “Delete & Update Credit Card Info”. Input your credit card details and then go to the Linden Dollar Exchange (LindeX) where you will be able to buy Lindens.

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