How to get a bloatware-free PC

There is a great video over at PC Pitstop that highlights why more users should be on the Mac. Apart from the obvious reasons like Macs look better and come with a more reliable and secure OS the video points out that most ‘brand name’ PCs are filled to the brim with junk software — Bloatware — that degrades the performance of the PC and makes it harder to use.

If you’ve got a friend who is considering purchasing a Mac make sure to email them a link to the video – it might help you persuade them in the right direction.

I might be a Mac fan but that’s partly because I’ve had to set up so many Windows boxes in my life. I can tell you in terms of out-of-the-box experience nothing comes close to a Mac.

Actually in terms of in-the-box experience nothing comes close to the Mac either. Apple’s packaging these days is phenomenal. In fact the only bit of ‘Bloatware’ that PC Pitstop came across when setting up their trial Mac was a .Mac offer. I’d happily argue the point that .Mac (while a little dated) certainly isn’t bloatware and if installed and used doesn’t stuff up your machine like other pieces of PC software.

Other interesting stats from the video; Gateway led the pack and came installed with 22 ‘Bloatware’ programs (thankfully they’re no longer sold in Australia) Sony ships with nearly 30GB of software (compared to Apple’s 16GB) and takes 75 minutes to setup before the user can even get onto the Internet.

This is where PC manufacturers need to sit up and take notice especially companies like Sony who had a reputation for quality products.

PC makers need to stop hiding behind coloured cases and cheesy promotions (a Lamborghini branded laptop?) and start adding value that the end consumer finds useful in the long term.

These changes will only happen as more of this sort of research filters through to the mainstream press and gets the attention of the end users who are considering buying PCs.

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