LEAKED: Outright iPhone 3G pricing for Australia

UPDATE | This story proved to be basically right — the pricing for prepaid iPhones from Optus came out to around the same price as what’s listed in the Domayne point of sale system here. However for the actual pricing see our Best value iPhone plans revealed! story which is written with the actual released pricing from all the carriers.

And so begins the month long guessing game till the introduction of the iPhone 3G launch.

Luckily for us Australians the launch is on July 11th. You should register your interest with Optus and Vodafone to make sure you get your hands on one as soon as possible.

what about if you’ve just recently signed up on a plan and won’t be
out of contract for another year or so? Would you be interested in
buying an unlocked off-contract iPhone? Is that a ‘yes’ I hear you say?
Well so would I.

While nothing has been
confirmed by Apple Optus or Vodafone there are a number of sources
that suggest an unlocked off-contract iPhone 3G may be available.

The first tantalising rumor comes from a screen shot here which
suggests an unlocked 8GB iPhone 3G will cost $699.99. If you want to step up to a 16GB
version you’ll be up for $999.99. The shot also lists model numbers
(MB666P/A) however a Google search brings up a discussion thread on
MacTalk Forums. There’s also a good chance the screenshot is fake and
the model numbers are simply place holders – the ‘666’ reference may
just be a placeholder – or a joke by the person fabricating the screenshot indicating that the iPhone 3G is the devilphone. Who knows!

There are other pieces of information however which we know are true like Vodafone Italia who are offering an unsubsidised iPhone 3G for 499 Euros or 559 Euros for the 16GB model.

in England are also planning on releasing an unlocked contract free
iPhone 3G. The page here says ‘Customers will soon be able to enjoy all
the great features of iPhone
3G without a monthly contract with the iPhone 3G for Pay & Go.’

O2 and Vodafone Italy are going to sell the iPhone unlocked it
suggests to me that Optus and Vodafone in Australia might well do the
same. This is great news on a number of fronts; firstly being tied to
any one provider means you’ve got little flexibility to move should a
more economical plan come to market and secondly you can choose the
provider of your choice. In Australia that means having a legitimate
iPhone 3G on Telstra’s Next G network – a combination some believe is
the best of both worlds.