Hackers get access to iPhone firmware

A user setting up his iPhone (www.apple.com)

It’s been a busy weekend for all those lucky enough to snag an iPhone. I’ve been glued to my computer for the past 48 hours and based on public opinion I don’t think that the launch and the product could have gone any better.

Remember there have been few tech products as hyped and revered as the iPhone — only Windows 95 comes close in terms of hype — and I think it will be a while before we see another one.

I keep trying to compare the launch of the iPhone with the launch of the Microsoft Zune. Both products were launched into mature markets and both had a generous amount of marketing lavished upon them. And yet the Zune with all its hype is a complete flop. Microsoft has left it to flounder and instead of upgrading the software to make the device better they’ve dropped the price and changed the colours. It’s not even as good as the first generation iPod which is 5 years old now.

Any way you cut it love or hate Apple you’ve got to admit that the iPhone will change the game.

Now to some must read articles:

Hackers are already on to it.

Hackers found the link to download the restore image for iPhone hidden away on Akamai mirrors. They’re now working on how to open the encrypted OS X disk image within the restore file — the key is somewhere in the iPhone itself. How long till the device is hacked and we get the ability to use SIM cards from any carrier and load in our own plugins and apps?

Jobs shows up for iPhone launch

Steve visits the Apple store in Palo Alto for the launch. For a guy who has a (government sanctioned) numberplateless car we can only assume he had a bevy of security people dressed up to look like starstruck iPhone fans.

Apple posts photos from launch.

Just look at all those happy happy people. No aggro customers in this Apple-selected lot!

Complete Interface Walkthrough

If you’re still uncertain about why the iPhone rocks check out the Engadget complete interface walkthrough.

iPhone in the real world.

Dave Caolo over at TUAW takes the iPhone out on the street and loves it.

Time reviews the iPhone

And loves it.

PC World tries to destroy an iPhone

PC World drops and tries to scratch an iPhone but it doesn’t break or scratch.

How Apple will conquer the wireless industry

Interesting take on how Apple will use the iPhone to take over the wireless industry.